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The fight to save the planet

Climate Change and impact of insulation in buildings

There is much ado regarding climate change and we do not propose to be experts, but we have listened to many and know a great deal about Melbourne Insulation.  If you do not take any side on this matter, but understand something is happening to our climate, and there is no doubt the makeup of the planet is involved, then we beleive the following is quite relevant in relation to insulation use as a claw back on climate changes.

melbourne ceiling insulation Insulation of dwellings and buildings in and around Melbourne is no different to anywhere else in the world.  One would think that this would be not only useful in keeping you warmer in winter and cooler in summer, but would also mean less energy use for both heating and cooling.  Energy use has been around for human dwellings for ever, and even the nomadic tribes of Africa heat their homes and cool them as the season determines.  Their main means is burning wood or dung, and thats a carbon footprint.

In Melbourne and of course Australia wide, the vast majority of our carbon footprint is via coal fired power stations, again, a carbon burn.  The more insulated we can make our homes and buildings in Melbourne, the less carbon we will need to create to warm or cool them.  Temperature is just one trigger.  Light and cooking, domestic duties including washing and drying and even entertainment and sleeping all have a carbon effect.

Smart building design can certainly assist with minimising all of these, and solar power is becoming very popular and very high performing.  The days of a sulf sufficient building are coming, but Insulation is still critical to this, as if you loose or gain too much heat, then your solar does not perform adequately.

Insulation is king in our mind.  To find out about the vast range of Melbourne Insulation options we have, please call our family run business.  Insulation Australia.